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Established in accordance with the Economic Development Policy of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2010, Bhutan Power System Operator, BPSO is entrusted to coordinate and regulate power system operation and outages and manage/monitor export and import of power in an optimal manner for overall reliability and security of electricity supply system of the nation.

Initially known as the National Load Dispatch Center(NLDC), BPSO was inaugurated by Hon’ble Lyonpo Yeshi Zimba on 17th December 2011, coinciding with the National Day of Bhutan and licensed by Bhutan Electricity Authority(BEA) on 1st July 2014, coinciding with the Bhutan Power Corporation(BPC)  Day for the operation of Bhutan power system as the Power System Operator.

BPSO as of now has the main control centre(MCC) at Thimphu and the backup CC at Malbase (also known as the Western Load Dispatch Centre, WLDC), Phuentsholing. Eastern Load Dispatch Centre(ELDC) is based in Tintibi. Power System Network in Bhutan is divided into two regions: Eastern Region and Western Region.